Fans and More Fans

Fan Anticipation


Incredible show business experiences are waiting for the fans who get into the line early. Celebrity sightings and TV news interviews are commonplace.

These are Hollywood's most sought after movers and shakers. Each summer Hollywood tries to set new box office records. Each summer has surprises. Not every surprise is good. A big name finds out sometimes the vehicle that was a "sure thing" was not. Maybe the poster was too blue or too red or maybe the title was too long or who knows what. Nobody came. Same star five years later puts out a small independent film made with a hand held Flip camcorder by some teen-ager who got his idea from something he saw on a box of cereal and Hitsville!

Nobody has ever been able to accurately predict the future for a film but all good Hollywood producers claim to be able to do that. That's how they raise money. The line is the real test.

To learn more about these folks try visiting www.liningup.net and you will also be able to get involved.

The atmosphere at THE LINE is cordial and busy during the day. Constant interviewers appearing and disappearing, passers by taking pictures, phones ringing (visit their website and get the number for the pay phone.), cars entering the parking lot and somebody watching the computer. There is a computer in the line so the people can keep up to date if anything occurs in the outside world. So far nothing has happened. (In the outside world.)

Parking in this area is very expensive when it is possible to find a space. There is no convenient motor home standing by so each of the early arrivals has to figure his schedule with the help of his fellow attendees. "You watch my space, I'll watch yours.

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Watchdogs protect against line crashers.

So, here's the plan... The dog has a ticket. The guy has to try to sneak in behind the dog. I think it will work.

Hollywood still knows how to have a good time and it is happening here in THE LINE. Hollywood Blvd. has many sights worth photographing. There are old buildings and famous theatres. If you have a picture or two left in your camera, this line has some of the most photogenic people and dogs in California. I highly recommend a visit to THE LINE.

I think these people and the two dogs could make their own movie while they are waiting.

For awhile the sidewalk near the Chinese Theatre is a safe, fun place to be. I would hope all the world could have the patience and ability to communicate that is found here. All the signs in the pictures and not one says, "No Dogs Allowed."

Where is Norman Rockwell now that we need him again?

Fan Hot Line?

Fans in the shade

Another good dog (in the center of the picture) waits for the big event.

Most of the people walking by are tourists who have just been to the Chinese Theatre. This area is one of the happiest sidewalks in all of Southern California. You will see people from all parts of the country here.

Again, the people in THE LINE are not weird or even crazier than the rest of us. Stop and think, how many of us know where you want to be when the next Summer blockbuster opens at Midnight? These folks know where they want to be at that moment, so who's the smart one? No, don't say the dog... OK, the dog.

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