Making it in Hollywood

Whatever you are good at might be the thing that gets you into your first movie. Sports, hobbies, impersonations or maybe just knowing how to drive a fork lift. That might be your show business secret of success. You can make it by being yourself. You are one of a kind. Hollywood needs you.

Bicycle to Hollywood

Bicycle skills...Bicycle scenes are often used in movies. If you are good at riding a bicycle, the possibility of doubling for an actor who is not adept might be your door opener. Most acting roles are for adults but there are many youth films made each year. Making it in Hollywood requires some ability and some luck. Opportunities arise every day. Hollywood needs you. Really.


Skateboarding...Skateboarders are always in demand. Often in movies there are scenes for experienced young skateboarders. Each new generation brings new faces to the theater screens to do what sometimes are actual stunts. Stunts are under the jurisdiction of the Screen Actors Guild and a person who performs under their contract will get residual pay each time the film is shown again on TV. One reason to make it in Hollywood is to get those good residual checks. Whether you are trying to make it or you have already made it or you are in the process of makin' it in small steps or making it big, you will find out that your route to success is totally different from every other performer. You will find shortcuts and you will follow in the footsteps of others, but your path will be unique.


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Billiards or Pool

BilliardsBilliards or pool shooting can be your ticket to fame. If you are good at shooting pool make sure it's on your resume. I have worked in movies and TV series and commercials where a billiards game or pool hall scene was the focus. If you are good, you might be asked to read for a line. That could be your first step toward making it.

One of the first films I ever was remotely associated with was "The Hustler" with Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman. It filmed in New York at a poolroom where I often played. Many of the best players there were extras in that movie.

Animal Handler

Animal HandlerAnimal Handlers are used in many films. If you have an exotic animal which might be used in a film, they will probably also want you to give it commands and usually appear with the animal. Some animal trainers have become the stars of their own Hollywood movie or TV series. I have worked in scenes with elephants, chimpanzees, a bear and many dogs. (Incidently, I kept a close eye on these two guys and they did not hurt the elephant.)

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