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It is a good idea for an actor to have a website. You may list the site on your resume. I added the URL to the resume about a year ago because it was beginning to get a high rating in search engines. Type your resume or print it on a computer. I have seen some Hollywood acting resumes that were hand lettered by a professional artist. I do not know if that extra expense got the actor more auditions.

You might decide to invest in a professional resume writing service for your first resume. Most large cities have resume writers for actor's resumes.

It is also a good idea to exchange resumes with friends to get ideas from different resume examples. Your resume might need just a twek to be much better as a representation of what you have done. The resume should be like a template of your career.

Your Acting Resume

Comical Resume Comical Resume This would not be your first resume, but you should have a few different types of acting resumes ready to use.


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Actor's Resumes

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Hollywood Resumes

A Comical Resume

I used this comical resume very successfully for awhile in Hollywood. I did not use it for submissions for serious acting parts, but I did use it to get auditions for comedy shows. I was surprised it worked so well.

It also seems to be highly ranked by Yahoo's Search Engine

Your resume can be this simple or it can be printed on parchment paper with a designer's touch. The resume should be informative for a casting director who does not know anything about you.

I have auditioned with very famous people. I knew one famous actor who had no resume. He said to me one time when we were both auditioning for a part, "If they don't know who I am, I'm not going to get the part." I will not mention his name. Neither he nor I got the part. Nobody else got the part even if they had a resume. The movie was preceded by a bunch of hoopla. It was never made.

You will send out many resumes and maybe you will get a few auditions. Make 500 resumes and maybe you will get 20 auditions. If you get one job it is money well spent. The resume is your billboard for that casting director that day on that project. It then goes into a wastebasket or in with many other resumes in a file cabinet.

I have had good results from some resumes, including this one. I have had agents contact me and represent me because they saw my resume. I have got jobs without agents from my resume. Your photo should look like you and your resume should look like you. Your headshot should be current and your resume should list all your skills as well as the parts you have performed. You can tweak the resume a little to make the resume show how you are suited for this particular role.

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