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Click on the small picture to see a larger picture. You may use the picture for any purpose as long as you save it to your own hard drive first. Do not use my bandwidth. It is royalty free. I took the pictures and you may acknowledge this site or myself but it is not necessary. Thanks. All photos were taken by Tom Willett.

Hollywood Free Pix

The Fun Bus

Hollywood's Fun Bus Tourists at the Chinese Theater will often arrive and leave on this double decker.

Egyptian Courtyard

Hollywood's Egyptian Theater This was once one of Hollywood's most lavish theaters. Today it is used mainly for special screenings. It maintains its beauty and prestige.

Applause Sign

Applause Sign Hollywood's elite depend on applause and laughter. This sign is across the street from the Hollywood Library on Ivar Street.


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Old Hollywood & Vine Area

Hollywood Taft Bldg.Hollywood Taft Building This picture was taken from Selma Street and El Centro. It is difficult to capture the Taft Building from a closeup at Hollywood and Vine.

Taft Building 2Taft Building, different angle This picture was taken on the same day and shows a wider angle. Capitol Records Tower and the Pantages sign are also visible.

Hollywood Taft Building 3Hollywood Taft Building and MetroRail This picture shows one of the artful car sculptures at MetroRail (This station is just East of Hollywood and Vine) and the Hollywood Taft Building in the upper background. The Taft Building holds a lot of interest as an historical site. Howard Hughes and other Hollywood moguls had offices in that old building.

More Royalty Free Photos of Hollywood to follow.

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