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Your Resume

Plain white paper is OK.

Hollywood resumes. Your acting resume is the first thing the casting director will see that has your name on it. Have a great resume. There is no resume template which will be right for every actor. The resume shown here has all the necessary information for most actors. If you have extensive and credible credible internet acting credits, add them under TV credits. You might want to list your acting website or YouTube profile page in the heading area with your contact information.

There are resume writing services offered by writers and public stenograhers in most large cities. I have never used a writer to design my resume but it might be right for many actors. Your actor's resume needs not to be a work of art to be hung on a wall. Your actor's resume does need to be legible and the information should be complete, but not overwhelming.

Acting resume


Actor's Resume Tips

Use your agency or answering service phone number so you will not miss any calls.

Never put your Social Security Number or Birthdate on your resume.

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Proper Actor's Resume

The resume should be 8X10 inches as noted above. The spacing and font styles should reflect your personality and should leave a margin that makes an attractive appearance. This resume can be clicked to enlarge the content. Adjust the items to fit an 8X10 inch page. This resume is the basic no frills resume for an actor who wants to get work. It is the correct format for placing your show business history on a resume in a consise manner for audition purposes. The phone number for yourself or your agency contact would go near the top. Most resumes are typed on agency letterheads and then copied at a copy shop. You can copy your resume on your home printer or computer if you have the time. Type or use a computer printer to ensure a neat looking resume. On a Show Business or Actor's Resume the feature films are listed first, then TV, next Stage, Commercials, Internet and Special Skills and Abilities and your acting or specialized training. Special skills and abilities would include your sports activities, musical instrument expertise, dancing and artistic qualities. Anything that you do well that the casting person cannot see by looking at you.

Think of your resume as a prop or script for the person who will interview you for the role for which you are auditioning. That casting director will get ideas from your resume about what to ask you. Have a little bit of fun with your resume. The resume should not have a catalog of information about everything you have done. It should have your major movie and TV and Commercial credits plus your special skills and abilities. Your resume is your business card and your short bio. If you can do bird whistles or yodel, have that on your resume. If you are a good magician or dancer or rodeo performer list that on your acting resume.

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