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Michael's Star

Michael's StarMichael Jackson There are many pop music artists who have stars in the Walk of Fame. When the Walk of Fame was started there were lots of star awards for the Country Music artists of the 1950s and 1960s. One of the earliest stars went to Slim Whitman. The record industry is well represented with stars. Michael's star is one of the most photographed stars in Hollywood. It is in front of The Chinese Theater.


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David Hasselhoff's StarDavid Hasselhoff's StarThe stars are given for TV and movies and recording and live shows and occasionally for radio performances. There are also some stars for people who are behind the cameras.

Godzilla's StarGodzilla's Star Let's see you take it away from him. There are some surprises in the Walk of Fame. You want a star? Get behind the big green lizard.

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